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2020 must have been an unprecedented year the world has ever seen and there is no doubt that the aviation & tourism industry is among one the worse hit by the pandemic.

This is a story of two best friends who are both in the aviation & tourism industry and just like many others, had their life turn upside down like a rollercoaster ride in a blink of an eye. 

Vin, who is an aviation regional director, and Kel, who is a vice president of tourism marketing, had one of the best years of their professional life in 2019 until the pandemic shake-up the whole world, forcing them to take drastic measures & changes in their life, and pushing them into an edge of rethinking their survivability.

Being someone in the travel & tourism industry, often meeting, networking, and connecting with others is simply part of our daily life and with the world-embracing physical & social distancing as part of the new norm, the social interaction and connecting with others become more difficult and restricted.

That’s when they realized that there is a need to redefine the way we connect and share information during this pandemic and even more so after this pandemic in an instant, accurate, impressive, and contactless way, which lead to the creation of T-A-G™.

Founded in 2020, T-A-G™ allows its user to connect & share one or multiple contacts and information’s ranging from their social media pages, email address, WhatsApp or other messaging apps, website link, business address or a completed full contact card and many more with a simple tap gesture on the receiver phone and the information will immediately pop-up in the receiver phone.

Best of all, the receiver doesn’t even need to have a T-A-G™ or the app to receive the information, eradicating the need for a physical business card. T-A-G™ will be pioneering the transformation into digital business cards and reducing physical contact of traditional paper card exchange, saving time of manually inserting information as well as saving the cost of reprinting physical cards all while protecting the environment at the same time.

Beyond redefining the way, we share and connect with each other; T-A-G™ is set to lead a more effective digitalization and contactless transformation, with the ability to replace QR code in a more effective and faster way with just a tap instead of a scan, a digital menu can instantly pop-up on customer’s screen, or with a simple tap, it can redirect the customer to any renown review site such as Google Review, TripAdvisor and Yelp to elevate the brand credential which is crucial for many businesses such as restaurant, hotels & resorts, café, spa, and attractions.

T-A-G™ is also built with the safety of its user’s privacy in mind, with an ON/OFF features to toggle off sharing to prevent any unwanted tap while using the NFC technology (near field communication) which is the same technology behind TouchNGo cards, Apple pay & Google pay that is secure and will only work in close proximity. T-A-G™ app also does not require or store any social account password and uses purely publicly available links to function.

TAGWIfi further allows guests to connect to a café / hotels/ Airbnb or any private wifi network without the need of disclosing the network or the wifi password, guest can gain access and connected the wifi with a simple tap and go gesture. (Currently available only with android devices) The opportunities are endless with T-A-G™.

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